Looking Back & Looking Forward; Goals for the New Decade

  1. Started working for VC-backed startups in Manhattan at 14, kicking off my startup career and even getting paid for it too!
  2. Launched ‘DASI’ or Discover A Startup Idea — a newsletter connecting investors and entrepreneurs that eventually failed but would mark my first foray into entrepreneurship
  3. Learned to understand code and read multiple programming languages in highschool, though I have never personally coded since
  4. Attended the University of Miami and graduated in 15' with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Entrepreneurship
  5. Helped over 100+ students and alumni with their businesses during my time working at The Launch Pad
  6. Launched InvestReady (previously Accredify) as the CEO and successfully transitioned to the board 5 years later, including making an ROI from a secondary sale for all the founders
  7. Launched the Miami Venture Capital Association and served as the Managing Director to help organize and connect Miami’s capital markets
  8. Won the Miami Technology Leader of the Year award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
  9. Got recognized by Forbes and won the Miami Herald Startup Competition
  10. Launched Security Token Group, my second venture to reach a multi-million dollar valuation, including raising over $1,000,000 from outside investors
  11. Advised multiple companies and fund managers that went on to raise over $10,000,000 in combined outside financing
  12. Spoken at multiple universities, conferences, and programs on startups, entrepreneurship, blockchain, and private capital markets in the US and Europe.
  1. Formalize the Adventure Capital venture studio with Kyle Sonlin
  2. Launch 10 portfolio companies under the AdCap studio
  3. Have an 8-figure exit for a company that I started (likely InvestReady)
  4. Launch a completely tokenized fund product (and then do it again)
  5. Write at least once a month personally — ie. 120 blog posts
  6. Re-launch Royal, the universal loyalty engine, and create the first-ever Customer Stock Option Plan (CSOP)
  7. Structure the next-generation Multi-Family Office platform
  8. Develop a charity of my own and help raise over $1M for charities and ESG causes
  9. Connect and raise over $100M in combined outside capital for my own businesses and through advising others
  10. Get a case study written in the Harvard Business Review for introducing a novel concept to the world (likely for tokenization or venture studios)
  11. Get featured in the Forbes 30-Under-30 list (only 5 years left for this one)
  12. Garner an audience of 50,000+ followers on LinkedIn to inspire, share and connect with




Entrepreneur. Investor. Adventure Capitalist.

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Herwig Konings

Herwig Konings

Entrepreneur. Investor. Adventure Capitalist.

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